The Futures Trust

John Cleveland and Hinckley Academy

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Project Value:

Block G Hub Refurbishment & Roofing

28 Weeks


This project involved the replacement of the existing flat roofing across the school. We were also contracted to refurbish the proposed teaching hub in block G to provide an ideal teaching space for the younger pupils.

The block G teaching hub was particularly challenging as this had to be completed during the school summer break, a period of only 6 weeks, with the roofing works continuing for a period of 28 weeks. 

We worked closely with the design team to provide an excellent result on both the internal and external features of the project.

The block G refurbishment consisted of a full strip out of the existing areas, demolition of walls to create larger classrooms, New hardwood doors and frames throughout. The windows were all replaced with modern aluminium windows. There was also new lighting throughout fitted into new ceiling systems, all complemented with decoration and new carpets throughout.

Externally all flat roofing areas were stripped off ready to receive the new, which will provide the school with a guaranteed leak free system for a minimum of 25 years. The existing rainwater outlets from the roof that were discharging internally were all capped off and new external outlets were installed to prevent any reoccurrence of historic leaks.

For the majority of the above, the school continued to operate normally with no disruption to any of the day-to-day activities.